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Couples Versus the World

Live sex cams have always been driven by a loud majority of solo babes who perform alone, from the comfort of their bedrooms. It is time to move the spotlight a bit further south and check out the fantastic couples that straight up broadcast their entire fucked up sex life for the world to see. They are a blessed people who exist solely to brighten up your day and remind you that there is hope for everyone, even ugly dudes – even though most of the dudes that fuck on camera are kind of hot as fuck. That’s irrelevant.


The bottom line here is that these live cam couples are changing the damn game by upstaging mainstream pornography at every corner. The smut they manage to put together all on their own is making mainstream smut look bad. They’re out of their goddamn minds. This shit has no right being this hot. They go so far sticking a cock inside a vagina. That’s vanilla shit. You might see that kind of action towards the first five minutes of a stream, as an appetizer. The real action gets so much filthier.

Healthy Competition

Couples that live stream smut are in competition with one another by default. They don’t wish each other any ill will, but they do have to work extra hard to stick out ahead of one another. If they can’t make it to the front results page of cam whore sites, they’re shit out of luck. These kinds of cam streams aren’t just about showcasing a man and a woman doing the nasty – these are basically the online sexual Olympics. These aspiring exhibitionist couples are constantly looking for new ways to impress their audiences. They try out different original camera angles and weird sexual fetishes, just to try and put an original spin on their streams.

It’s this kind of healthy competition that makes live cam couples such a joy to watch. You never know what they’re going to do next. One minute, you’re watching a standard blowjob scene, the next, the girl is using the cum to make finger painting art. It’s ridiculous, but it sells, because it is unique. This pursuit of uniqueness is what drives all the best live cam couples to do better and grow their respective audiences. The top results pages of every cam whore will consist of at least 10% couples across the board.

Two is a Party, three is an Even More Interesting Party

…and four is even better. In the world of smut, the more naked women you get to see at once, the merrier. There are a few key takeaways here. First of all, couples’ streams are usually owned and operated by two people, a chick and a dude. Secondly, they often invite other people, usually more women, to join in on the action for variety. These streamers have digital forums where they gather to discuss their craft and they often get together for collabs. Couples’ streams are a natural fit for this kind of get-together, since there’s already going to be penetration on camera, so adding another babe into the mix is just more of the same, and the crowd loves this.

There are many impressive dudes on live cam sites that have entire harems of women, regardless of whether or not they’re dating once the camera goes off. These girls make money for their troubles and the dude running the stream gets to grow his following. Oh, and he also gets to have his dick sucked by multiple girls at a time. You can’t put a price on that kind of depravity. This is truly the result of us living in the future. We get to see the hottest of couples getting it on remotely, in high definition, for free.

Playing Make Believe

If you’re a man over or under the age of 35 and you are experiencing feelings of loneliness and a general yearning for pussy, then you might be entitled to masturbatory compensation. Until you get your hands on an actual real life woman with a pulse, live the vicarious experience through some online couple sex cams. Pretend for a moment that you have a girlfriend or a wife and that’s you in the video, giving her the foot long. It’s not nearly as good as being inside an actual woman, but it’s a fine compromise, especially if you’re desperate.

Plus, all of this shit is being thrown at you for free. You get to watch live HD streams of real people having real sex, for free. You have nothing to lose. The folks in the streams don’t have much to lose either, and they have little incentive to bullshit you. So, if a babe is being fucked by her husband and she’s screaming bloody murder, chances are her orgasm is real. She has no reason to fake anything because she knows that perverts on the web will jack off to her regardless.

Two Girls, No Cup and No Guy Either

If you’re lucky, you might run into the occasional couples’ stream that features two women and no man. These are usually the most popular couples’ streams because they feature twice the pussy of a regular stream, with no cocks in sight. Cocks tend to deter men, more often than not. Sure, it’s fun watching a babe suck on a good old six incher, but it’s even more fun to see her eating out her best friend while two pairs of titties flop around in the wind.

This kind of content is really hard to beat. Even mainstream porn sites are struggling to produce smut that stands this tall in terms of quality and quantity. All of these couples’ streams are free to view and they just keep getting better. Plus, with each passing day, new couples enter the scene, so you’re always looking at new potential for some quality faps.

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