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Hey guys, my name is Rob, from Denver, Colorado. I like beer, girls, video games and football (any Broncos’s fan here?) I’m computer engineer. What’s my work?  I’m an independent social networks reviewer. I see hundreds and hundreds of crazy things that were flagged. From facebook nude photos, youtube porn videos, pinterest nudes, Tumblr sexy chicks, twitter selfies, etc. I work for all of them. – Visit removedPix.com

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So guys I created a little site to keep the removed porn archive live. Pure facebook nude Photos. The good thing is that you can submit your porn videos too! If it’s real amateur and if the girls are over 18 years old, everything is welcome :)

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You guys can access to my archive. It’s cheap and I update daily with real amateur porn from social networks. I’m sure you will love removedPix.com :)

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We got this upload from one of our GFpics.com fans: Hello guys from GF Pics, I must admit that I was wishing to do this for a long time but I needed to ask my collage’s friends. So here is the story: We are 3 average sized cute girls from Texas and we love sexting porn pics and videos. You know, all that new trend about #SexSelfies and #AfterSex. I think is pretty cool for a girl with a decent body to share their own selfies so why not? We enjoy showing off our boobs and taking sexy naive pictures of ourselves and you know, all the guys on collage are crazy about Us. We are very populars even when are not that hot 😉

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Real amateur exhibitionist girls like me loves to take naked pictures in front of the mirror, topless selfies with friends and even some soft nude in public places lol. But the best is to make amateur porn videos with our boyfriends and love? My bff and me we compete to see who makes the hottest sexting porn video! Yeah, we don’t care what other people may think :)



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Hey my name is matt, i live in Chicago but i was born in florida. I wanted to share with you guys my private collection of amateur sluts. most of these pics where removed porn from facebook and Instagram. yeah, because these girls are naked and things like that and these guys don’t like it. i’m talking about the kind of dirty pictures and videos that girls tries to hide their entire life: real amateur nudes, crazy drunk party sex leaked videos, next door shy collage teens that after a few drinks gets drunk and become in real sluts, testing all guys around and acting like attention sluts acting like Kim Kardashian all the night until they get really drunk and wasted teens gets fucked by all guys.

So if you wanna know how easy is it to get a drunk girl into bed with you? Very easy, just watch these gf pics below. Ive had drunk sex with many girls time ago. Most of these girls were pretty drunk too. What is not cool is girls with horrible beer and cigarette breath and vomit. Most these sluts were sober while I was about one beer away from passing out and puking on myself lol. Yet, they fucked with me and I took many amateur pics and videos using my phone. Yes, I had sex with anything alive, from coyote ugly to models. Conversely, when I was sober I found it an absolute turn off to sleep with a drunk woman, no matter how otherwise sexy and hot she might otherwise be. The only good thing for me was taking drunk girls sex videos and pics to share with my best friend, things like that. Not saying is okay but it was many years ago. I think I have over 400 pictures and amateur videos of my ex gf fucking, like this:

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Australia is a big place, famous for hot amateur girls and beaches so what can be better than watch real amateur Australian ex-gfs fucking on the beach and all their leaked porn videos and pictures?  We received many real user submissions from Australia this month. It’s summer there now? I bet it’s always summer there! Australian girls are pretty hot, check these pictures below..

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